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Why Video Ads Rock &
How You Can Roll With Them

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Is your company wondering whether to invest in online video advertising? It can require a significant investment, but it’s also where your customers spend a lot of their time. With more than four billion views per day, YouTube is the second largest search engine, with 78% of people watching videos once a week, and 55% of people watching every day (source: PR Daily).

Below are 10 benefits to online video ads that will help you justify the investment.

YouTube pre-roll targeting options
Your targeting options seem almost endless. Even better than traditional retargeting, you can focus on geography, language, demographics, video topics, website topics, YouTube channels, viewer interests, remarketing lists, existing subscribers, previous viewers, and more.

Biggest bang for your buck
When running an online video ad campaign, you’ll likely see low cost per views, high view rates (like Click Through Rates) and a potential increase in conversion rates by 20%. As an example, one of our clients, within one week on a $20 per day budget, received 563 views and 5,715 impressions, had a 9.85% view rate (industry avg is 1%) and paid about $0.26 per view.

Communicate your message effectively
A viewer will retain 95% of a message when they watch a video compared to about 10% of a message advertised through text (source: Insivia).

Build brand awareness
The main purpose of YouTube pre-roll is to drive traffic to a website and raise awareness. You might not see a direct sale, but it’s the strongest way to build brand awareness — the crucial first step down the sale road.

Video is shared easily
More than 500 years worth of YouTube videos are watched daily on Facebook and more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute (source: PR Daily). If you want to get your message out there in a fun, shareable way, video ads are the best way to do it.


It’s very measurable
You can see where a customer placed their cursor over your ad, what percentage of the video they watched, where they came from (YouTube Channel, website, etc), conversion rates and much more. This information can help you better target your ads and refine your message in future efforts.

Video is mobile
People take their phones with them everywhere, which means they can watch videos anywhere! Online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic, and 30-second pre-roll mobile videos have an 88% completion rate. (source: Insivia)

Buying decision power
52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions (source: Invodo). Plus, with video ads you can have call-to-action overlays that prompt the viewer to purchase right away.

It’s a selling tool
Shoppers who viewed videos were 174% more likely to purchase than viewers who did not (source: Retail Touchpoints). Video ads should revolve around clear objectives, strong call to actions and creativity.

Eye-catching opening
Make your audience want to know more about your video and tease their curiosity. Within the first 10 seconds of the ad you want to have a strong call to action and have a message that compels the viewer to finish watching your video.

Keep these 10 points in mind and you should have no problem justifying the leap into online video ads. But if you need back up, you know who to call — EPIC Creative®.

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