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Facebook Likes Still Matter

Written by EPIC Robot, 6 years ago, 2 Comments

Most companies create Facebook pages to help increase brand awareness and engagement. To achieve those goals, it’s important to have great content that generates interest, promotes your brand and expands your reach.

As a social media specialist at EPIC Creative®, I track, measure and report on a diverse set of metrics for my clients, and I always make sure to explain to them that the value of Facebook goes beyond their total number of page likes.

In order for your content to make any sort of impact, you need to reach as much of your target audience as possible. That’s why engagement is so important. Every time a fan engages with your posts, your posts can appear in their friends’ newsfeeds, even though their friends don’t like your page. This is better known as tapping into your network of friends-of-fans.

If content creation is key to achieving these goals, then why should it matter how many Facebook likes your page has? The number of likes a company’s Facebook page has is a difficult number to ignore because it’s the most visible and easily understood Facebook metric. It may not directly generate engagement or influence your reach, but here are six reasons why it still matters:

1) People that like your page have gone through the brand awareness cycle
Your total number of Facebook page likes tells you exactly how many people identify with your brand and want you to be a part of their online identity, but getting someone to like your page is only half of the battle. The other half is maintaining an active page with quality content that will keep your fans interested and ensure they don’t forget or lose interest in you.

2) The more likes you have, the more people you can potentially reach
I’m placing a lot of emphasis on “potentially,” because reach is highly influenced by Facebook’s algorithm and advertising. Nonetheless, the important thing to remember is that every person that likes your page is subscribed to your content. Think about it this way: Facebook fans are like people that subscribe to your e-newsletters. You can send an email to every single person on the e-newsletter subscription list, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll all see or open it.

3) It’s easy and cost-effective to market to your fans
Your Facebook fans are a group of people who have identified themselves as those who want to be served your content. As a result, your posts about promotions or products don’t seem too “salesy” or give off a bad vibe because fans expect that kind of content. This doesn’t mean that you should only post about yourself. No one likes a narcissist. Be sure to share user generated content and interesting articles from relevant magazines.

4) Having a large following makes you an influencer
It shows that you are well liked, you have the potential to reach a lot of people and that you’re a leader in your industry. Being influential makes it easier to market your Facebook page as a marketing channel to important business partners, and can help encourage them to collaborate with or participate on your page in exchange for exposure.

5) Your competition is most likely on Facebook
You want to stay ahead because your competition is targeting the same audience. Monitor their pages to help gauge what type of topics your target audience is interested in. Never copy the competition. Instead, focus on what differentiates you from them.

6) Fan acquisition is very affordable
Ads that are well crafted and targeted can be extremely effective in reaching the right audience. At EPIC Creative, we test and target a variety of ads to make sure we gain highly qualified fans at the lowest cost possible. Facebook ads are very important and crucial to having a successful page. You can learn more about that in the last blog post, titled “Stop Blaming Facebook.”

In order to increase brand awareness and engagement, you have to create content that’s engaging and reaches a lot of people, but you can’t forget about growing your fan base. Having a lot of Facebook page likes helps build your online reputation and can give your brand a competitive edge.

Do you need help achieving your social media goals? At EPIC Creative, we provide full social media services. Give us a call, or check out our website to learn more about us and what we can do. I guarantee that you’ll like what you find.

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    Facebook is the largest social media network because
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