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When It Comes
to Pizza and Hashtags, Always Preheat the Oven

Written by Fuzz Martin, 6 years ago, 0 Comments
  • It's not delivery, it's Di-OH NO!!!

The DiGiorno social media and public relations teams are probably glad the week is half over. Earlier this week, they learned a pretty hard and valuable lesson when they posted the following:

See, sometimes brands — and Twitter users in general — like to look at the Trends section of their Twitter home pages to find content that people are interested in. When a hashtag makes it into the Trends section, it means a lot of people are talking about that subject. By engaging in the conversation, there is a big opportunity to have their content seen organically by many more users than they might have with a normal tweet.

In a lot of cases, the hashtags are lighthearted topics that users can converse with and not worry about any implications. However, the #WhyIStayed hashtag was being used for a serious topic — one that deals with why women have stayed in abusive relationships.

Had the DiGiorno content manager simply clicked on the link to see what kinds of topics users were talking about, she or he would have immediately seen that the topic was not lighthearted, in fact, quite the opposite. This is one huge reason why you can’t get lazy when procuring social media content.

Their team has spent the past 24 hours replying to angry fans and other Twitter users that were upset by their mistake:

I applaud their diligence in personally responding to each negative post they have received, and I truly believe the content manager who swears the mistake was made out of ignorance, however, this all would have been avoided with about 2.5 seconds worth of research.

The moral of the story: do your homework, don’t slack off when it comes to content, and please… please know what the hashtag means before you use it.



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