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What Would You
Really Do With More Hours in the Day?

Written by Fuzz Martin, 6 years ago, 0 Comments
  • I'm pretty sure this is a Grand Jeté. This is the form it takes to set off my motion-sensor.

A few nights ago — after an early morning, followed by a long, meeting-filled day, followed by dinner and an hour or so of husbandly / fatherly duties — I went outside to get try to get the lawn mowed while there was still some daylight left.

After about 45 minutes, it was dark, and I was left doing my version of ballet’s Grand Jeté in front of our outdoor motion-sensor light, and using my iPhone’s flashlight as a makeshift headlight.

As I was walking back to the mower, my neighbor, Dan, looked up from his chop saw and shouted, “You and I sure could use a few extra hours in the day, couldn’t we Fuzz!?”

I chuckled and replied, “You know it!”

But as I got back to mowing, I realized something — Dan and I love to work. More hours in the day, for me, would most likely mean more emails, proposals and meetings. Even if the day was 30 hours long, I would still be out rushing to get the grass cut, and Dan would be out trying to repair his deck.

When we hear, “I could use a few extra hours in the day,” it usually implies that those hours would be meant for non-work, living time. For those of us who love to work, however, it would simply mean more time to work.

Without fooling yourself, how would you really spend your time if you were given a few extra hours a day?

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