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Love Instant Gramification

Written by Sheri Kirchoff, 4 years ago, 0 Comments

After Facebook, Instagram is the leading social network where people in the U.S. spend their time. The visual nature and simple structure of Instagram give brands the opportunity to connect with people by using photos to create and tell a story related to their business. And now, since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, we have the ability to create Instagram ads through Facebook’s self-service interfaces: Ad Manager, Power Editor and Instagram API.

Like Facebook ads, Instagram ads feature photos or videos and use Facebook’s in-depth targeting data to reach exactly the people who will be most interested in receiving that information. Because Facebook owns Instagram, we can seamlessly create and serve digital ads for both platforms.

Instagram ads are designed to do one of two things: increase brand awareness or encourage a direct response. These actions are measured by website clicks, mobile app installs or video views. Because they are sharing the same interface, you can market to a similar audience. The audiences we build in Power Editor are available for both platforms.

Currently, there are three ways to create Instagram ads: Photo ads, Video ads and Carousel ads. Carousel ads feature multiple photos that you can swipe through, often telling a simple brand story.

Our social media team is thrilled to tap into the 400 million community members on Instagram. It gives us the ability to share content with a highly engaged audience in a creative way on an emerging platform.

If you’re not already familiar with Instagram, check out our company feed.

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