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Video: It’s
More than a Camera

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We have always prided ourselves on helping our clients tell a story through their marketing. There is a lot of power and trust in developing a connection between your products and services and the emotional benefits your customers will receive. One of the strongest tools we have for telling a great story is video.

However, like a lot of other disciplines, executing video properly and reaching your audience with a strong message is harder than it appears. This was particularly true when YouTube arrived on the scene in 2005. Posting a video on the internet became an accomplishment. It didn’t matter if it looked good or connected, it just had to be there.

Fast forward (pun intended) to 2016 and the question is now, “So, how would you define a successful video?” Here is what you need to find success with your video efforts:

Purpose — What are you trying to tell your customers? What’s the story? If you want people to watch your video, you have to give them a reason to click play and make sure it’s strong enough to retain their interest up until the end. A good story is never half-told.

Composition — A video is a motion picture and it should be held to the same standards as any great photo. That includes location, talent, lighting, audio, and more. Your CEO talking to the audience while wearing a fern for a hat probably isn’t the image you’re looking for. However, if that is the image you’re looking for, we do have ferns. Anything is possible.

Timing — How long should my video be? If you have a time in mind, you’re probably wrong. Seriously. Our rule of thumb is that it should only be as long as it needs to be and not a second longer. Your customers aren’t searching for a “four-minute product video.” Everyone is busy, make your video comprehensive and digestible.

Promotion — So you’ve now created the most amazing video the world has ever seen. The problem is, the world hasn’t seen it because no one knows about it. That’s a problem. Sadly, YouTube is not a digital field of dreams. If you post it, they won’t necessarily come. You’ve got to get eyeballs, and in order to do that, you have to promote your video. YouTube ads, Facebook posts, tweets, email blasts, embeds on your website — you get the picture. Don’t waste your efforts and stop when the production wraps.

Thankfully, EPIC Creative® is great at all four of these items. This isn’t just an educational session. We’re proud of the work we produce and would love to make you into a video hero. A great story scripted by our talented copywriters, beautifully composed by our videographers, and promoted by our team of advertising and social media experts? It’s what we do. Hey, you might even go viral. (No promises.)

Here are some stories we created for our customers:

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