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Our whole life, we’ve been taught to “respect our elders.” Ancient documents are handled with kid gloves, and delicate museum relics hide behind plate glass — only to be observed, not touched. Antiquity is fragile, frail and easily damaged. But when times change and technology advances, brands must advance too.

V is for Victor — and what a pleasure it was to take the ancient Victor Pest brand (which was founded in 1898) and kick it around the office for a couple weeks to bring it up to an exciting new standard.

What an interesting branding endeavor to rough up that old vision and see what was really in there.

EPIC Creative® was able to take the former Victor brand and do just that — to proudly introduce the new and improved Victor Kill-@lert remote notification system.

And while it’s true that magicians never reveal their secrets — here’s how we pulled it off.

Know Your Brand History: VICTOR AND VANQUISHED.

The history of the old brand dates to around 1920, when Philip R. Goodwin was commissioned to create pastoral ads for Oneida Community, Ltd., the entity that would inevitably become Victor Pest Company. Known for his lavish paintings of the rugged outdoors and great American west, Goodwin executed a single painting depicting a heroic fur trapper stoically clutching his offending prey.

Dressed for the occasion, the trapper’s ominous eyes are in shadow, traps casually slung over his shoulder. He’s the original goon — coarse, rough around the edges, and hunched over like a phantom. His posture, imploring, “Stay outta my way.”

“Victor and Vanquished,” reads the headline.

The painting itself employs muted colors, and only two important elements (besides the bold “V” in “Victor”) are called out in fire-engine red — the trapper’s scarf and his mittens. The scarf and mittens are very deliberately “called out” in red because they are the very things that offer the trapper protection from the brutal elements. The viewer then associates the red “V” with the red elements that “protect” the trapper and — voila — we have color symbolism at its finest. EPIC decided that this original theme was both interesting and significant.


Knowledge is essential to proper branding. For the new Victor Kill-@lert, the concept is simple. Wirelessly connected to the internet, the Kill-@lert system electronically notifies users when a rodent has been collected, eliminating the need to constantly check traps. It’s a revolutionary rodent control system with unlimited potential for applications in a variety of industries.

The Kill-@lert text concept doesn’t just make for a great rodent control system. It’s also a concept that is ripe for creative play, high drama and “Godfather-style” theatrics.


The foundation of the Kill-@lert rebrand combines history with product benefits in perfect harmony. Modernizing John R. Goodwin’s 100-year-old illustration, EPIC Creative personified the Kill-@alert by bringing the original Victor Trapper into the 21st century and giving him a name: Vic.

Polished and proper, “Vic” has exchanged the billowing red scarf and heavy coat for a more fitting two-piece black suit. The handlebar mustache has been ditched in favor of a clean-shaven look, and his windblown hair is now slicked back.

His eyes, however, still in shadow.

You won’t find Vic helping her majesty’s secret service, nor is he some colorful avenger. This is serious business. He’s got no time for chitchat and he’s more at home on loading docks, back offices and anywhere else you may encounter “issues.” Most importantly, Vic is discrete. He’s a “problem-solver” and a solutions-man, thank-you-very-much.

Employing Vic’s “services” is simple, like the Kill-@lert system. He’s got it covered. Just sit back, go about your business and, like the new tagline says, “We’ll text you when it’s done.”

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