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Understanding the
Value of Inbound Marketing Channels

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From social media networks and email campaigns to search engine optimization and search engine marketing, understanding the value of each of your inbound marketing channels is crucial to successful online marketing.

All too often, marketers focus on the finish line and tend to skip over the crucial beginning steps. Inbound marketing efforts should start with creating more comprehensive digital marketing strategies. The core structure of a successful digital marketing channel measure is to identify your business objectives, the goals for these objectives and the key performance indicators (KPIs). But, why stop there? Why not be EPIC at setting up success for your digital channels? Identifying basic targets will help start the campaign on the right track and, later on, help evaluate the true value of each channel.

Everything we do as marketers requires detailed prep work for projects both large and small. Although vitally important, this prep work is not just simply determining on- and off-line goals; it should include baseline reporting and proper tracking. Creating a baseline report of your channels and performance will help to establish historical comparisons from one campaign to the next. Setting up behind the scenes tracking of your goals for all channels allows easy data analysis along the way. Taking early steps to ensure all online campaigns are setup with these consistent tracking essentials will eliminate any headaches, performance uncertainty and missing data freak-outs in the end. Without this data, not only is there no way to prove the worth of your inbound marketing efforts, but there is also no way to accurately assess the current strategy. This leaves no way to establish areas that are most valuable, areas that are costing more than they are delivering and, most importantly, areas for improvement.

One of my favorite digital marketing speakers, Avinash Kaushik, said:

“There is a difference between winners and losers when it comes to web analytics… If you are not doing this, you are doing it wrong.”

Now that we understand how to get the most out of measuring the performance of each channel, how do we present the value of each to clients? By not skipping the essential tracking work, we can now fully dive into all the data of each campaign, each channel, each visitor and each conversion. Taking your campaign analytics and benchmark KPIs from reporting on total clicks and impressions to reporting on conversions and return-on-investments is the difference between marketing and EPIC marketing.

With your entire inbound marketing team working together, your campaigns will become stronger and stronger as each channel works together to reach your audience on a wider, yet targeted level. The EPIC Creative® digital marketing, social media, SEO & SEM, content marketing and public relations teams work together to ensure the value of all digital channels are properly tracked and reported, ensuring a successful inbound marketing program.

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