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Since I was young, golf has been a big part of my life. I started playing the game when I was seven years old, and since then, golf has turned into more than just a hobby or a weekend activity. I’ve had the chance to play in tournaments and enjoy some great courses throughout Wisconsin, but I’ve never fully appreciated what it takes to keep a course running and up to the standards of the players. In my new position as a producer for GCSAA TV, EPIC Creative® has given me the opportunity to see some of the best courses in the country and develop an in-depth appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes.

My background comes mainly from producing and shooting short films, music videos and promotional spots for clients. I was excited when EPIC hired me, and I knew this position would entail a news or documentary-style approach. I was also more than a little nervous knowing that this was uncharted territory for me.

Like I said, I’ve always respected the game of golf, but never truly understood what it takes to maintain a course. The time and knowledge that goes into golf course upkeep is astounding, and there’s so much to learn when it comes to the practices and procedures of maintaining a golf course. There are numerous terms, machines, techniques and ideas that are all involved, both on and off the course, that require a true master’s understanding to pull off.

Because I’m so new to all of this, I mixed a few things up. While I was discussing greens hardening techniques with our own Jim Becker and Darren Davis, the golf course superintendent at Olde Florida Golf Club in Naples, FL, I referred to a machine that helps with that as a top seeder, when it is actually called a top dresser. They let me go on for about 5 minutes before they corrected me, and we all had a good laugh. My time on that course with Jim and Darren was invaluable, and really helped to understand that golf is more than a sport – it’s a complex, nuanced environment where every detail matters.

I have all the confidence that I will learn everything there is to know (or at least as much as I can handle) when it comes to maintaining golf courses and excelling in my new position. EPIC is giving me the ability to see some amazing golf courses and learn more about the game that I am so passionate about, and that’s an opportunity I can’t wait to fully seize.

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