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There’s No Place Like
Home…And by home, we mean Northwest String Summit.

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Meet the Northwest String Summit (NWSS): a well-known and appreciated Americana and bluegrass festival that takes place at beautiful Horning’s Hideout in North Plains, Oregon. This annual four-day festival has just completed its 17th year and is hosted by the iconic Yonder Mountain String Band.

Our love, passion and support for Northwest String Summit was born long before the summer of 2018. It all started with a trip Jim and Zak Becker took to the Northwest String Summit back in 2010, where they had an Aha! moment: “We should produce a documentary for this festival!” The EPIC production team worked hard to create that first documentary, Turn Left at the Peacock, and enjoyed it so much that—you guessed it—they went back and did a second one, Return of the Peacock.

As soon as our team discovered the beauty of filming this incredible festival and working alongside some of the greatest folks in the music industry, we decided that the next logical step was to begin live-streaming the festival on behalf of our passion project, JamGrass TV. We have been working hard and having fun for JamGrass TV at a plethora of bluegrass, jamgrass and folk-rock concerts for the last two years—hitting roughly 18 million impressions and 873,000 video views—and live-streaming NWSS was yet another Aha! moment for the EPIC Creative team.

Since then, our relationship with this festival has only grown and become more mutualistic. 2018 was our first year working hands-on with its look and feel, its planning, and providing our digital expertise, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the relationship we have built with them.

NWSS Gets a New Look

EPIC’s design team worked to create a new brand for the 2018 Northwest String Summit. We honed in on impressions of the Pacific Northwest and the atmosphere of the bluegrass scene and worked to create a more cohesive look for this year’s event. Our team developed the branding, the design and the supporting imagery for the festival’s website, print collateral, festival merchandise, festival signage, digital and social media advertisements and more. What do you think?

Developing the #NWSS18 Social Strategy

The folks at Northwest String Summit came to our social media and digital teams for advice on how to best create awareness and convert sales in the social space. We created a strategy based on their needs and goals. Using past ticket-buyer email lists and custom audiences developed from their website traffic, our team dished up some messaging and served it to an extremely qualified jamgrass audience. We worked together with the String Summit team and the artists’ management to increase ticket sales and awareness and developed a close working relationship along the way. Kudos to all involved!

Smile for the Camera, Strummit Family!

Fans of NWSS eagerly wait for festival announcements including talent, schedules, ticket prices, etc., and our production team crafted video and animation assets to support these messages. Ranging from lineup announcements to recap videos, EPIC had a large hand in helping support the motion visuals for the festival. Smile for the camera, Strummit Family!

JamGrass TV Presents: The NWSS “Couch” Tour

Our team has a passion for bringing live concerts straight to fans’ couches (or wherever they may be). JamGrass TV has evolved into the premier online destination to experience FREE live and recorded concert footage from bluegrass, jamgrass and folk-rock concerts. For the last three years, the EPIC production team has geared up and traveled to the Pacific Northwest to attend the Northwest String Summit and bring the festival home to people who are unable to attend. This last year has been record-breaking for our team—coming in at over 138,000 livestream views and 2.8 million minutes viewed. Providing a livestream to fans unable to attend helps boost the festival’s brand recognition and entices people to make the trek out west to attend in the future.

We’ll see you next year, Northwest String Summit!

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