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The Answer, My Friend, Is
Blowing In The Subway Station

Written by EPIC Robot, 5 years ago, 0 Comments
  • Image Credit: YouTube / Barncancer Fonden

Ad people can be notoriously critical of each other’s work. Rarely, however, does an ad — a public service announcement, no less — come along that divides the advertising community as strongly as a recent PSA for childhood cancer.

It’s an ambient ad placed in a subway station in Sweden that uses some pretty cool technology to show a girl’s hair blowing in the wind every time a new subway train enters the station.

Comments on the Adweek discussion section for the PSA have included everything from “very powerful ad,” “wow, great work” and “beautifully done and very respectful” all the way to “I hope you or your mother gets cancer,” “way to ruin a great ad” and “what a horrible idea.”

Watch the ad for yourself and see what you think. Is it clever, effective and impactful, or is it a lousy, manipulative trick?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

And oh yeah, the ad concept was “borrowed” from a very similar effort for the introduction of a line of hair care products. Does knowing that change things?

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