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The 10 Types of People
In The Comment Section

Written by Scott Covelli, 5 years ago, 0 Comments

Marketing is all about two-way communication these days. It’s the golden age of sourcing information from customers and fans, because it’s easy to track them and easy for them to get in touch with you. One of the easiest ways for fans to connect with a brand is through the comment section of a blog or social media page.

It can be a real challenge in itself just to keep track of all of the comments, but many of them get lumped into categories. These are the ten characters you’re most likely to find lurking in your brand’s comment section:

Brand Champion

Every brand’s favorite commenter is their very own hype man. This fan is a true super fan, has the brand’s cover photo as his own, and might as well be a spokesperson. Except right now he’s doing it for free.

The Comedian 

This clown swings for the fences trying to be the top comment with his funny jokes. Sometimes he brightens your day with a home run, but other days he just makes your cringe.

Mr. Bad Luck 

This poor soul just can’t catch a break. He doesn’t hate the brand, but he’s had more than his fair share of issues with your products. He’s at the top of your priority list, so you always check through the comments to see if he’s there. Sure enough, he’s asking for advice or the customer service number.

The Skeptic

He’s not an all-out hater, but he skeptically asks questions about your products to keep you on your toes. Be prepared to explain what exactly you mean by “newly-designed” or “user-friendly”.

The Troll

Probably the most famous commenter, this guy isn’t looking for answers, he’s just looking to cause trouble. He’s a loose cannon, so steer clear of him at all costs. Unless, of course, he’s also a Brand Champion.

The Spy

This one is like the brand champion, but for your direct competitor. Hey, guy, if you’re such a big fan of them, why do you “like” their competition on Facebook?

The Spam Monster

Sometimes they’re trying to sell your used products on eBay, and sometimes they’re posting links to Lithuanian soccer betting sites. Either way, hide those comments and move along.

Gimme-Gimme Guy

People always want free stuff. That’ll never change. Gimme Gimme Guy will not-so-coyly ask for a new product to “test” or some apparel to go with his new product he bought. My personal favorite is: “I just bought this snowplow and I deserve a hat.” No, you deserve a plow, which you just bought.

Grammar Police

It’s always a good thing to proof your posts, first to make the brand look good, but secondly to steer clear of this guy. If there’s a grammar mistake, he’ll swoop in and call it out moments after you post it. He’s the sneakiest of them all, so do one last proofread before you post to keep him away.

Grammar Criminal

The opposite of the Grammar Police, this person might as well be speaking in another language. From the abbreviations to the misspellings to the flood of punctuation and emojis, figuring out what they want is like cracking a code.

In the end, it’s all about staying in tune with your customers. Facebook has announced some new tools recently to help with customer service, and Twitter has always been a hub for customer service. Keep in touch with the fans, and they won’t bring out their torches and pitchforks.

Are there any that we missed? Do your best impression of them in the comments.

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