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Facebook has been on the ball lately, announcing new and exciting tools for social media managers. With those tools has come an update to Business Manager, Facebook’s dashboard for companies to manage Pages and ad accounts. With this update some features were rearranged, making it easier to check in on several accounts quickly. Let’s take a look at the updates:

Basic statistics on the home page


Facebook added three basic statistics to the homepage: new page likes, post reach and engagement. This change, however minor, is useful to get a quick look at how the page is performing without going into each Page’s insights.

Easily accessible page notifications


Notifications for each page were added to the homepage. Again this saves time, as social media managers can check the notifications of multiple Pages all from the homepage.

Easily switch from business to personal


In the case that you want to switch away from business pages and check up on your personal profile, Facebook now added an easier way to do so.

The not so great updates
While most of the changes make things easier for social media managers, several changes are less desirable. Facebook has replaced the profile pictures next to each page name with the standard Pages logo. The profile image reappears when you hover over the account, but this change makes it much more difficult to find a specific page quickly when scrolling through the list.

Speaking of finding Pages quickly, while the Pages used to be listed in alphabetical order, the list is now seemingly random, making finding one page in a list of ten or much more challenging.

Still waiting for the Newsfeed
This re-organization is great, but what we’re waiting for is the Newsfeed to be added to Business Manager. Missing this feature makes it impossible to engage with other brands or look for content without leaving Business Manager. Until Facebook adds this feature, social media managers that choose to use Business Manager still need to go back to their standard Facebook pages to use all of the features they need.

So, while Facebook’s Business Manager is becoming even more useful as new features are added, it still has a little more growing to do.

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