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Blaming Facebook

Written by Sheri Kirchoff, 6 years ago, 1 Comment

Facebook organic reach has and will continue to decline. While this presents a challenge to a lot of companies on Facebook, it’s also a big opportunity for pages that are willing to do something about it and stop pointing fingers at Facebook.

Every day, more people and brands join Facebook, and that means more content is being posted every hour. More importantly, people are becoming increasingly active on Facebook, engaging more with brand pages and connecting with friends via the social media platform. Facebook says that an average user might have 1,500 posts eligible to appear in their news feed each day, while more active users may have up to 15,000 stories in their news feed on a daily basis. We are all pressed for time, and it’s probably safe to say we can’t be on Facebook 10+ hours a day.

While these numbers show that there is a lot of competition fighting to get into the news feed, don’t get discouraged and stop your social efforts. The impact of social media is way too powerful to just walk away. Here are three steps for getting more people to engage with your page:

  • First, take the time to understand Facebook and how the news feed works. Facebook looks at roughly 100,000 factors when determining what’s shown, but the simplified formula is as follows: Interest x Post x Creator x Type x Recency.
  • Second, as every good marketer knows, content is king! Supply your audience with content that encourages them to engage with you. The more popular your posts, the more likely people are to see it.
  • Third, run Facebook ads to not only target new fans, but to guarantee your content is being seen.

Facebook advertising allows you to get super targeted with your audience without having to spend a lot. Where else can you customize your targeted audience by biographical and interest data, or with cookie-based retargeting? Facebook has people offering up tons of deep personal information about where they work, what they like or what their interests are. With Facebook ads, you will definitely increase your page likes and significantly improve your engagement and visibility on specific posts.

Determining success on Facebook is not all about how many fans you have. If you have the wrong fans, it’s not doing your page any good. When you run a well branded, specifically targeted ad campaign, you can be sure you are engaging with people who truly care about your page. Remember that change is inevitable. Facebook will keep changing as it continues to grow. Quality content and the right audience will help your page jump ahead of the competition.

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