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Sensitivity Scale: Independence Day

Written by Scott Covelli, 5 years ago, 0 Comments

Now this is the day that some people think Memorial Day is. Summer is in full swing, so it’s time for fires on the grill, fireworks in the air and a proud patriotic fire in the hearts of all Americans. ‘Merica! There, I got it out of the way.

On the Social Sensitivity Scale, Independence Day comes in at a 2 out of 5. This scale rates how cautious you should be when posting on behalf of a brand on that holiday. For more information on this series, go here.

Here’s the scale for reference:

Social  Sensitivity

From a brand perspective, the best part about this holiday is that it’s more of a celebration than a remembrance. It honors all things American, and brands are welcomed and encouraged to capitalize on this patriotic revelry.

Here are three ways your brand can play the patriotic card, and a couple cards you should probably keep in your deck:

  1. Play Up Your “Made In America” Pride

There are a lot of politics behind this, but at its core, people love buying local. Products that are made in America are perceived to boost the economy, create jobs, and have higher quality. If you can say that about your brand, now’s the time to brag.

  1. Have Some Fun With It

Our social sensitivity series has been a bit of a wet blanket at times, but this is where you can really stretch your creative muscles. Work in red-white-blue, puff out your chest, and show that pride we all love so much. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Get Cliché

Cliché is the American way. With other holidays, I’d caution against grabbing the low-hanging fruit. In this case, I say grab it and take a big bite. Americans love puns and clichés, so feel free to dive right in. Let’s say you’re a men’s clothing brand; how about “we put the ‘suit’ in the pursuit of happiness.” The possibilities are endless.


As for the things to avoid, it’s probably best to steer clear of any type of tragedy. Though American history has its fair share of dark moments, this isn’t the time to bring them up. You have plenty other patriotic themes to draw from. Also, there’s no need to bash other countries. Let’s keep it on our soil.

Finally, please do your homework. You might think you’re posting a photo of fireworks, when it’s really a photo of the Challenger explosion. But that goes for all social media. This is just a friendly reminder.

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