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Sensitivity Scale: Easter

Written by Scott Covelli, 5 years ago, 0 Comments
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The bitter cold winter is behind us, and we’ve arrived at one of the signs that spring has arrived: Easter.

If you’re not familiar with what this series is all about, check out the introduction blog post, and use this scale for reference.

Social  Sensitivity

Easter earns a “4” on the Social Sensitivity Scale because it’s far more niche and significantly less secularized than Christmas. At its core, Easter is the most important holiday in the Christian faith, marking the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter itself is a day of happiness, but the week leading up to it, especially Good Friday, is a reverent and mournful time for Christians.

Simply given this religious background, piggybacking on Easter to promote products puts you on very shaky ground. Unless you’re a business that wears its religion on its sleeve and is widely known for doing so (Chick Fil-A, a Catholic university, etc.), steer clear of even mentioning Easter.

That leaves us with the secular side of Easter, which I’ve always found peculiar. It doesn’t really matter where the Easter Bunny comes from. What matters is that “he” (or is it “it”?) is unnecessarily creepy and skews to a very young demographic.

The bizarre bunny/eggs part of Easter is also very niche, and unless your brand deals directly with rabbits or eggs (or maybe food coloring), it’s best to leave this angle alone too.

It’s springtime, and people are itching to get outside, get ready for summer, get organized, and maybe even buy whatever your product is. Focus on the positives of the season that everyone can get behind, and you’ll be safe and successful.

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