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Polls Are
Back… Only Not On Facebook

Written by Andy Parmann, 5 years ago, 1 Comment
  • Photo by Flickr user Sam Newman

Last week, Google+ introduced a new poll feature. This comes about five weeks after announcing it acquired Polar, a polling startup that used this-or-that polls by having users select side-by-side images. The goal of the acquisition was to apply makeup to Google+ and make it look a bit sexier.

So, what do these polls look like and how successful are they? Well, I searched through the top ten brands on Google+ only one has used it (Thank you, ZAGAT). Among the top brands that haven’t used it are Google Chrome, Google Play, Google Maps and Gmail! Someone should tell the social teams at Google that they need to lead by example.

Thank you, ZAGAT, for coming through with a great example. If you know me, then you know that I have an affinity for pizza.


If you manage a brand on Google+, you’re probably concerned with the amount of engagement you’ll get with these polls. Don’t. The answer isn’t revealed until the user selects and Google+ does a great job of spinning low engagement into positive results. Coupling the large percentages with some hero images makes a visually stimulating post.

What do you think of the new poll feature?

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