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My First Week
With Epic: Apparitions, Parking Spots and NERF Guns

Written by EPIC Robot, 3 years ago, 0 Comments
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I’ve been in my new role as Social Media Account Executive at EPIC Creative for about a week, so am practically a seasoned expert on all things EPIC. Just be cool and don’t ask me any hard questions like where they keep the pens here. I started my first few minutes off right by parking in one of five spots we’re not allowed to use, so I figured my job performance could only improve. Here are some of my first impressions of culture, work and colleagues after week one:

A motto that isn’t a gimmick: The year I graduated from college, I visited a friend at her big, shiny ad agency job in Manhattan. I loved the coffee bar (adjacent to a bar serving harder stuff), 24/7 popcorn machine, spontaneous NERF gun wars and the treehouse-themed office space buzzing with energy and activity. What I did not love was that it was a Saturday afternoon, and the office was full of people who’d missed a deadline during the week because fun came at the expense of their projects. At EPIC Creative, the motto, “Work Hard, Have Fun” doesn’t mean a bag of gimmicky tricks that blur the line between work and play. Here, it means creative people enjoy their work and do it really, really well and with a lot of passion. That’s fun. They’re passionate about the new project they’re working on for their client; they’re also passionate about their team’s chances for that night’s agency softball game. I have heard them tell of NERF guns hidden somewhere in the office, though haven’t seen one yet. I’ll be ready … I’ll be ready.

A thoughtful onboarding experience: When I walked into work on my first day, I had an itinerary for my day lined up for me. I got to see the different corners of the office, from the very impressive voiceover and sound studio to the very, very impressive video and photo studio. Everyone I met was warm and welcoming. In the coming weeks, I’ve had introduction meetings set up for me with leaders and my new colleagues across the company. Nobody likes being the new person, but the smooth onboarding has made it easy.

A company that knows where it’s headed: During my first week in the office, the leaders’ building was a ghost town, and it was for the coolest reason. I learned that every year, the leadership team takes an off-site executive management meeting up in northern Wisconsin to make sure the company stays on course. To me, this signifies a healthy company with leaders who are intentional and know what they’re doing. I was glad to know the company has goals and a long-term vision, which they report back with full transparency to the rest of the staff.

Bonus points: The commute is only 30 minutes from Tosa with my gym at the halfway point, which means, a) I now have the perfect amount of time for my podcasts, and b) I don’t have any excuse to skip a pre- or post-work workout anymore. Also, if you need them, the IT team here are by your side as fast as a Harry Potter apparition. They are so slick. And did you hear we have a drone? We have a drone, though I’m still trying to find the “bring me a skim vanilla latte, no whip” button.

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