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Becker Sticks the Landing

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As many of you may have heard, our fearless leader, Jim Becker, recently tested the law of gravity, and discovered that it’s called a law for a reason.

On December 26, while helping move some of the last items out of Sandy’s house, Jim took a nasty fall onto his concrete driveway from about 15 feet up. While leaning over his porch railing to hand a deck chair down to one of the movers, Jim overbalanced, and went over the edge. Although one of the movers was able to get under him and break his fall a bit, he still landed on his head and hand, splitting his scalp, breaking his eye socket, fracturing his right wrist in four places and splintering both forearm bones all the way to his elbow. With Sandy and both the movers at his side, Jim was rushed to the hospital. After a series of CT scans, x-rays, physical examinations and 4 painful hours strapped to a body board, it was found that there was no damage to his neck or brain, two miraculous blessings during a particularly trying ordeal.

Jim ended up receiving 44 stitches to his head and face and, after having surgery to have a plate bolted to his wrist, he’s now sporting a bright purple cast extending from his knuckles to the middle of his bicep. He spent the remainder of his holiday resting in his new house with Sandy nursing him back to health.

With Jim firmly planted on the couch, family members, EPIC staff and close friends of Jim and Sandy all pitched in to help clean out the old house, pack up the final items, move everything out and make sure all the details were taken care of. Once Jim was back in the office, we all greeted him warmly and showered him with left-handed gifts and a card congratulating him on sticking the landing, which he graciously accepted with a laugh.


And so, after surviving a terrible fall, enduring surgery on his wrist, having stitches put in and pulled out, sitting through multiple examinations, learning how to be a temporary lefty and spending many hours resting on the couch, Jim is back at the helm. He’s healing quickly and adjusting to life with the cast, but the accident has taught him to be thankful for what he has and appreciate the awesome people in his life, because things can change in an instant. In a month or two, Jim will be back in full swing, and this fall will be a distant memory.

And you know what? Through all of this, Jim stuck to the positive side by posting a string of funny pictures on Facebook, accepting the well wishes and positive energy visitors brought and, all the while, making sure his Fun Meter kept creeping back up to EPIC. Let’s just hope he stays out of trouble until his wedding.

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