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Google Debuts
Search Page Post Functions

Written by Fuzz Martin, 5 years ago, 1 Comment
  • New life for Google+?

  • The all-new Google+ Post-From-Search tool.

First Google rolled out its new Google+ polls feature. Now, Google+ has unleashed a way for you to post to the social media site without leaving your Google search page.

The all-new Google+ Post-From-Search tool.

Google’s new Post-From-Search tool

The new tool resides just to the left of your profile image on the regular old website when you’re logged into your account. Clicking the +/comment icon allows you to post anything you could from your normal Google+ homepage, including status updates, photos, links, videos, events and, yes, polls. The feature also allows you to choose your privacy settings/audience and browse people that you know to tag them in the post.

Perhaps this will be the move that finally gets more people to participate in the social media site that never quite made it to the forefront of the social media world.

So, how about you? Will the Google+ “post from search” tool get you to pay more attention to G+?

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