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My Time as a Facebook Admin

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Facebook is, basically, my life. Before you jump to any conclusions, it’s not because I am a twenty-something-year-old woman. It’s because the clients of EPIC Creative® pay us to professionally manage and maintain their Facebook accounts for them.

When I first started working on our client’s Facebook pages, the first question that came to my mind was, “why don’t they just do it themselves?” Then, the more involved I became with the inner workings of Facebook pages, I realized how much time really needs to be spent on strategically developing content capable of engaging an audience.

Think about it. Every one of us is using Facebook, and have, at some point in time, “liked” a company or brand that we personally enjoy or use in the real world, and have then seen at least one daily post for their products or services. Have you ever noticed that they not only pop up when you are scrolling through your newsfeed, but that the content is actually interesting and worthy of clicking that little thumbs up icon? That’s because of people like me. But, don’t think that it’s just interns doing this. There are people known as social media specialists, strategists and content managers whose entire jobs consist of professionally maintaining their client’s social media pages.

Facebook_MetricsAs an admin, this is what I see when I go into one of my client’s Facebook pages. Page reach, page views, when fans are online, and a general engagement overview are amongst many of the things we monitor. When the reach is up, I know that what I am posting has been molded to what the audience wants to see and when they are most likely to interact with my posts. When reach is down, I know I need to change what and when I’m posting, so more people can engage in the content. It’s not just Facebook looking at who you are and what you like. I, as well as all the other admins, am watching, too.

There are so many things that Facebook Insights can tell you about the people that “like,” click, share or comment on a company’s page content. This engagement rate provides marketers, and the businesses they work for, with the percentage of Facebook users that received an impression from the content. Right now, the vast majority of marketers are using Facebook to reach a designated target audience, and with Facebook Insights and advertising, it’s even easier to get a business’ message to the right people.

So, using Facebook really is an in-depth working experience, and not just a mindless time waster. Facebook may just be a social media experience to most people, but in the world of advertising, I’ve learned that it’s a great way to promote a business.

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