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My First Few Weeks Being EPIC

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I’ve been at EPIC for a few weeks now, but within the first few hours of my first day I could tell this was going to be a fun place to work. EPIC is my third internship, but it has been like no other internship I’ve had. I’m more than just an intern here; I’m part of the Public Relations team. I’m working on real clients and doing real assignments and as an intern, it’s great to say that I’m getting real-world experiences. Here are some other things I’ve noticed about EPIC:


“Work hard, have fun”

In my second week here, the company had their first GEST meeting of the year. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was told to bring my bowling game for the second half of the day. The meeting was great and it showcased all of the hard work that the staff had been working on, which was something I’d never been apart of as an intern. As the motto states, “Work hard, have fun,” that’s exactly what we did! After the meeting the entire staff went bowling and there were several other fun games throughout the day. It just shows how dedicated EPIC is to making sure employees are rewarded for their hard work.


The Social Team is Social

On my first day I was nervous to learn that I was sitting in an open concept room with the social media team because I’d never had a workspace like that AND if they didn’t like me, this was going to be a long internship experience. From the moment I put my coat over my chair, the social media team has been so great and welcoming. They’re always willing to answer questions and they help the day go by with jokes and conversation. While everyone at EPIC has been amazingly welcoming, the social team has really made coming to work fun.


Organization is a Priority

Every morning all of the departments meet briefly to discuss updates and status on current projects. Not only does it help everyone stay organized, but it really shows how many projects are going on at once. Agencies can be very fast paced, but EPIC is incredibly on top of keeping up with all moving pieces of an integrated agency. It’s very cool to see all of the teams working together to complete a project.


Overall, EPIC has been a great experience. My boss is totally awesome and also brings a lot to the experience here. I’m really lucky to have gotten such a great opportunity and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my internship holds.

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