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From the Intern:
My First 48 Hours with EPIC

Written by Mason Howard, 4 years ago, 0 Comments
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Recently graduating from college, I was definitely ready to upgrade from my old backpack to that more stylish, more professional man purse. This upgrade would mean more responsibility and a chance to continue my learning in advertising. While I still don’t know my way around all of the offices, here’s what I have learned after just a few hours as the Social Media Intern at EPIC Creative®.

There’s A Coffee Ninja

That’s right, I’m not the one that has to fetch a grande no whip non-fat iced concoction. In fact, I had someone, titled the Coffee Ninja, filling my cup on day one. I was impressed by the welcoming and genuine nature right from the start.

Culture That Isn’t Faked

So many companies follow this “Work Hard, Play Hard” motto and call it culture. An annual kickball tournament and unused Ping-Pong table doesn’t seem like anyone is really playing hard. At EPIC, culture is all about people having fun (yes, by actually playing Ping-Pong) all while creating amazing work.

All In This Together

From day one (so yesterday), I was attending staff meetings, working on projects, and already feeling part of the team. Even though we may be working on separate tasks, it’s still a team focus to pump out the very best work. Plus, I’m happy I have been able to contribute on my very first days.

Don’t Fit In, Stand Out

At EPIC, we aren’t like the other guys and we couldn’t be more proud. We can make any topic, like mowing the lawn, engaging with consumers. Why? So many at EPIC have a passion for golf, manufacturing, or any of our clients’ industries, and our work stems from our many passions.

There you have it, my first impression of EPIC. While initially skeptical of this cliché Work Hard Have Fun motto, everyone truly lives up to it, and I am certainly looking forward to being a part of it. Now, I just hope I gave a decent first impression so they’ll keep me onboard a little longer than 48 hours.

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