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48 Hours of Fun with EPIC

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Walking into your first internship can make you feel nervous, excited, and intimidated all at once. I experienced this feeling on Monday when I opened the door to EPIC Creative® (notably the wrong door, because there’s like five). I am going to be a junior in college next year and this is my first, real internship as a public relations intern. This was why I was so nervous and scattered on my first day. Since then, however, I’ve been here for about 48 hours, which makes me the expert on all things EPIC, so here is a list of five things that I noticed about EPIC Creative right off the bat.

This is not a joke and it is absolutely adorable. Every building you walk into you can expect to be greeted by a friendly dog. EPIC allows their employees to bring their dogs to work because they understand that it is a long day to leave your dog at home and be away from them.

Have Fun. Seriously, Do It
At EPIC, hanging out and being friends isn’t a joke. From the moment I walked in, people were talking about softball teams, work picnics and getting lunch together. Work is legitimately fun when you get to spend it with crazy-awesome people who love their jobs.

Don’t Get Coffee, Get Creative
Right after I finished my first full day (which was two days ago), I realized that I wasn’t going to be treated like interns in the movies. Not once did anyone ask me to fetch them a soy latte or a Caesar salad. In fact, no one treats me like I am at the bottom of the food chain. I was assigned and guided through projects and tasks right away. I found myself learning so much on one day.

Think Outside Of The Cubicle
Whenever I heard about internships from my peers, they talked about having their own cubicle. I dreaded being assigned my own, claustrophobic cubicle as well. To my surprise, many EPIC employees had regular desks or offices. If someone is sitting in a cubicle, it is most likely because it was his/her preference. This was one of my favorite things when I walked in because it provides an open and friendly environment.

Organization Is Key
EPIC is full of creative workers with different talents that could easily run rampant and still do a great job, however, there is always a system or a plan that allows further guidance. These plans never suppress the talents of workers, they provide direction. This is something that I liked right away because everyone is still creative but we are directed towards a common goal.

These five, short points sum up exactly what I have experienced in my 48 hours of working at EPIC Creative (hopefully, this won’t get me fired before I really start). I know that this internship experience will provide me with real-world experience as well as an environment that cannot be found anywhere else. Maybe all of you will be hearing from me again over the summer. Wish me luck!



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