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Erin Hallbauer & Scott Emerson

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There must have been something in the water at Deforest High.

The suburban high school just outside Madison is the old stomping grounds of not one, but two EPIC South employees: eMedia’s Scott Emerson, operations manager and senior producer, and Erin Hallbauer, producer. Though the duo says they attended DeForest High at different times, the small school appears to have bred some big talent.

Luckily for us, that talent landed at EPIC CREATIVE®.

EPIC, meet Erin and Scott.

What are your responsibilities at EPIC?
In my senior producer role, I produce webcasts and video for GE Healthcare and will occasionally work on videos for EPIC “North” clients. I also fill in as a videographer and camera operator, as needed.
Erin: I produce trainings, continuous training updates, highlight reels and webcasts for GE Healthcare. I also assist with live webcasts running camera, floor directing or taking still photography, when needed.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?
Scott: I get to work on different projects all the time. We work with several groups within GE Healthcare so I will be working on a marketing video one day, and switch to producing a live webcast with GE President and CEO, Jeff Immelt, the next day.
Erin: The variety that comes in the day. I like to know that every day is different.

What’s the best thing about working at EPIC?
Scott: The people I work with both here at South, and at North. The profit sharing is also a big plus.
Erin: The camaraderie. I like how everyone works together wearing different hats, when needed. It’s hard to fail when you work with such great people.

How did you get your start in the advertising biz?
Scott: I started out as a videographer fresh out of college. The first company I worked for produced primarily television commercials, so I guess that’s where I got my start.
Erin: I moved back from New York where I worked in film and TV and thought it would be a natural transition for my skill set.

If you weren’t in advertising, what would you be doing?
Scott: Teaching video production.
Erin: Probably working for a video production house, doing something very similar.

Who was your idol/favorite celebrity growing up?
Scott: No single person, but I’ve always been a big Green Bay Packers fan. Even the teams of the 70s and 80s. Those were terrible, dark times for the Green Bay faithful.
Erin: Jennifer Garner. I loved the show “ALIAS.”

What’s something interesting others may not know about you?
Scott: Through either work or vacation I have been to 42 states. I have just eight more to go. I am thinking Alaska may have to wait until I retire.
Erin: My hobbies include movies, being outdoors, sports and competing in triathlons. [Also] my boyfriend and I just purchased an Australian Shepherd puppy named Sadie.

If you could eat something every day, what would it be?
Scott: Fresh seafood — ideally sitting in a restaurant, in a warm location, overlooking the ocean the seafood came from.
Erin: Cheese pizza :)

How much do you love/hate cats?
Scott: I tolerate them.
Erin: I prefer dogs.

How much do you love/hate Taylor Swift?
Scott: Hate is such a strong word.
Erin: Love her. Just saw her in Chicago last weekend!

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