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Now a Certified Google AdWords Partner

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In the age of Google, having your brand, products and services front and center in search results is the best way to improve your business. Quality PPC practices and targeted campaigns with the right keywords developed by experts will do wonders for a company’s online visibility, and EPIC Creative® just upped our capabilities by achieving Google AdWords certification. This is a big deal, people: we’re officially BFFs with Google.

So, what does this mean for our clients? Simply stated, obtaining Google AdWords certification shows that we’re professionals at ensuring online success for our clients and successfully promoting their brands. By keeping up with the latest trends and strategies, researching the markets and creating successful targeted campaigns, our SEM specialists are maximizing our clients’ AdWords ROI and producing great results. Plus, Google sends us promotional AdWords codes here and there, which we use to give our clients a little extra boost. Who doesn’t want free advertising on the world’s biggest search engine?

google-partnerEPIC picked up our Google AdWords certification by completing the three requirements:

  1. Sarah Kloth, our PPC and SEM specialist, obtained AdWords certification by rock starring her way through three tests, and then created an account for EPIC and linked herself to it. Boom – instant Google cred.
  2. We met a spending requirement across all of our PPC accounts, which showed that we’re active and up to date with Google’s newest features.
  3. We consistently demonstrated our ability to implement best practices and maximize our client’s AdWords performance (basically showing that we’re awesome and always make our clients look awesome).

Once these steps were met, EPIC was granted Google AdWords certification. With this big bump in credibility comes increased support from Google for our campaigns, along with other Google programs, including YouTube, Google+ and Google Local. We’re now Google masters, and we know exactly what to do when it comes to promoting your business, increasing website traffic and search rankings, and getting more clicks. After all, we’ve been certified as experts.

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