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Land, or Air, or Sea?

Written by Jim Cutting, 5 years ago, 0 Comments

It has been said that all is fair in love, war and video. And that’s really the case in the current complexion of the video industry. Video technology has been moving at a remarkable pace over the last decade. Along with the advent of DSLR camera technology in motion photography and the industry’s response to that development, we are in the embrace of a renaissance in video technology, driven by affordable camera gear and support. Never in the brief history (as we know it) of video has this been the case. Players such as Canon, GoPro, and DJI have recently driven the industry, and their competitors, to develop new and better tools for us to create the best possible production.

In the most basic form, EPIC’s mission in production is to tell stories with images and sound. We can only accomplish this through the knowledge and availability of the tools we use. Our proactive efforts to stay informed and astute to changes in the production industry has made it possible for us to be at the cutting edge of many of these advances in the industry. More so than that though, we have made accurate and fiscally responsible decisions as to when we choose to invest in the new technologies.

Through all of this, we have developed a truly impressive arsenal of production equipment giving us a wide variety of capabilities. Our DSLR cameras give us the capability to shoot beautiful imagery through large sensors. Our GoPro cameras give us portability and the ability to capture images that were never possible before. Our Ronin stabilization rig gives us the finesse to provide smooth and graceful moving images. And finally, our drones have granted us access to the skies giving us the opportunity to provide spectacular aerial and tracking images. From our first Phantom, to our Inspire and now to the first smart drone on the market, the Solo, we are exploring the skies to get the best shots possible.

What is left? Our future quest may be submarine in nature. New drones are currently being developed to negotiate both the skies and water. The sky is no longer the limit. All we need is an EPIC client to justify this new adventure in technology.

In any case, if there is one thing we can count on, it’s change. It’s never been truer than in video these days. And those who don’t embrace change … are unfortunately left behind.

Jim Cutting

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Jim is EPIC’s Director of Special Projects and Senior Producer/Director, a motorcycle aficionado, a friend of Jay Leno’s and has been with EPIC for 16 years!