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EPIC Adds New Weapons
To Its Video Arsenal

Written by Miles Cooksy, 5 years ago, 0 Comments
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The motto at EPIC Creative® is “Work Hard, Have Fun” and life in the video production department has truly lived up to that promise over the last few months. We’ve seen major changes in the way we shoot and edit video thanks in part to some new weapons in our arsenal. To demonstrate how technology meets creative innovation, we welcome the addition of our new GoPro 4, a new jib and a few Sony PMW-300 cameras. All of this new gear gives us new ways to display our creativity and shows our clients that EPIC is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line video production for their products.

Another exciting tool we added is the DJI Ronin, a brushless gimbal that provides seemingly magical 3-axis camera stabilization. The Ronin maintains stability using the ZenMuse stabilization technology that DJI developed for its aerials/drones. One of the most exciting features of the Ronin is its three operational modes; Upright, Underslug and Briefcase. Depending on the mode you use, you can get high angles, low-to-the-ground tracking shots, or operate it like a traditional gimbal with two hands on each side at chest level. I can tell you that in the brief time I’ve been working with it I am pretty pumped up to shoot some snow plows this winter. In non-technical jargon…it’s awesome!

With all of the new additions, I’m confident that our clients will find new angles and perspectives in their products they never thought possible.  True to the motto of EPIC, it has been hard work learning all the new technology that the production staff has embraced, but I can tell you that the shooting experience is totally fun.

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