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How Whiteboard Sketches are Helping Businesses Win Big

Presently, if someone types “whiteboard sketch video” into any search engine, he or she will most certainly be bombarded with a world of results consisting of videos, articles, how-tos and selling points. And, on any given primetime television evening, viewers are most likely going to see a whiteboard sketch advertisement.
It all started over five years ago with the United Parcel Service (UPS) whiteboard campaign. This series of commercials kept viewers intrigued. I remember thinking to myself how amazing it was that something so simple was so fun to watch. Since then, the trend has become mostly animation, excluding the need for an actor, but not discounting the talent of an artist.

Graphic artists have expanded their skill set over the past several years to meet the vast demand for these sought-after sketches. And, through the talents of these artists, businesses are coming out ahead. But why are these simple doodles so effective?

In reality, these sketches are anything but simple. Logistically, the sketch allows viewers to quickly understand information through direct, easily understood drawings, a teaching method we’re all used to. Since we were young, our parents, teachers and, now, our bosses, have effectively taught us through drawings. My boss, our very own Joan Rustad-Kennedy, eMedia Studios & Services general manager, believes the whiteboard trend is an effective way to output vital information.

“It seems to be an easy way to visualize any concept that can’t otherwise be shown in reality on a video camera. You can’t show how air flows through a system – it’s invisible. It’s the same for x-rays or magnetic pulses. However, it’s not necessarily cheaper or quicker to do – it looks simple while watching, but it does take a fair amount of animation time to create. Nonetheless, it is very effective in its outcome,” states Rustad-Kennedy.

Aesthetically, viewers are drawn in by the simplicity and freshness of the animations’ designs, but are also comforted by the personal aspect created by the perception that an actual person is drawing and sincerely providing information. It’s a win-win for businesses, as they’re driving their message home while gaining loyal fans via that personal touch!

“It seems like a lot of clients these days are trying to create videos or animations to convey complex ideas. Some of these ideas are too expensive or too abstract to create using traditional methods. Essentially, this is the beauty of whiteboard animation. It allows us to create or draw anything we like, while still feeling grounded, because, in reality, our viewers perceive that these drawings are all being created by a real person in real time,” says Jon Striegel, graphic artist at eMedia. Jon is currently teaming up with a GE Healthcare client to create a series of whiteboard sketch videos to successfully and conveniently send a strong and appealing message to GEHC employees.

You know how the saying goes; there’s no “I” in “team.” There is, however, a “we,” and we understand the game of business and want to help you come out victorious. With the current spike in the whiteboard medium, EPIC Creative® is excited to work with its clientele to create just what every client and customer is looking for…a “W” in the stat book.

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