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Corporate Meets Creative:
Life Inside GE Healthcare

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  • eMedia’s crew transformed their studio into a twin "Shark Tank" set for a recent executive event and recording. 

When your full-service agency is working within the walls of Corporate America


Having a Starbucks at your workplace?  How cool would that be?  For our clients at GE Healthcare, it’s reality.  What’s also a reality is their in-house and full-service agency, eMedia Studios & Services.  The staff members at eMedia are none other than EPIC’s very own.

Our goal is to be as friendly and efficient as we can be for our clients.  Being in-house helps with both of those, but being an “outside” EPIC Creative® employee at eMedia has its perks, too.  Let’s call it “corporate meets creative.”

Our clients are our friends.  We pass them in the hallway and see them in the cafeteria.  This makes doing business easier.  Why?  That awkward “I don’t know you and I’m still learning your business” stage never really exists.  It’s all honesty, all the time, since we’re literally working together under the same roof.  That leads as a nice segue into the next advantage.

We know GE Healthcare.  We see it on the walls, hear it in the hallway, and read it on our internal homepages. All of our work is GE-based. Therefore, we get to know the products very quickly. We even watch them evolve.  Our confidence in knowing the fine details makes more time for creativity.

We understand the culture.  We know our clients’ expectations and we do our best to meet them every day.  On a quiet day, jeans are okay.  But when we are a part of a large event, corporate swag is our forte.  The best part about those events is that we get to listen and assist in making some of the most important messages in corporate America be heard.  One hour, our creative juices are flowing and the next, we are getting ready for a webcast featuring some of the most powerful businessmen in the world.

Most importantly, we know the history of our department.  Our Engineer, Tom Schwerm, helped build our zone of the GE Healthcare Institute.  So while he knows the location of every outlet and wire, we all (business veterans and young professionals alike) cherish the roots of eMedia and look forward to what the future holds.

A bunch of organized creatives living inside corporate America seems crazy, right?  Nope.  It’s really just the best of both worlds.

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