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Bowl 2014

Written by Andy Parmann, 6 years ago, 0 Comments
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Advertising is a lot like football. You pick your favorite brands and ad agencies, watch what they do and cheer for them when they have a big win. The Super Bowl is our chance to see the best of the big players come out and compete for our attention. For those of us in advertising, the entire game is like the half-time show. We’re watching for the awesome effects, celebrity endorsements and groundbreaking campaigns. We’re hoping to laugh, to see something new and to be inspired.

EPIC Creative® broke all of the ads into five categories: Automotive, Beverage, Food, Honorable Mention and Best of Show. Our employees cast their votes for their favorite in each category, and these were the results.

Best of Automotive
There were more than a dozen car and car related commercials that ran during the Game. Chevy’s “Life” took the silent, emotional approach with an ode to National Cancer Day, Audi went humorous with an invasion of CGI Doberhuahuas and Hyundai really nailed what it’s like to be a dad. In the end, EPIC employees selected Chrysler’s “American Import” as best automotive commercial of the night. You can’t beat American flags and Bob Dylan.

Best of Beverage
It’s not the Super Bowl without your beer and soda giants competing for attention. It was apparent that Budweiser came ready to play, spending at least $16 million to run four $4 million spots. Well, it worked, and they got our attention with Bud Light’s “Epic Night Out.” We’ll be renaming Ping-Pong to “tiny tennis” soon enough.

Best of Food
Cheerios captured the hearts of every mom watching the game, and Doritos didn’t let us down with their fan submitted ads, but surprisingly, the Wonderful Pistachio ad featuring Stephen Colbert took home EPIC’s best ad in the category of food. This ad was cleverly split in two, both literally and figuratively. The first part showcased Stephen Colbert using his wonderful popularity to sell the pistachios, the second part… well, see for yourself.

Honorable Mention
Many ads during the Super Bowl are difficult to categorize. We pooled together all of the mobile carriers, music products and tax preparation ads into one honorable mention category. The winner of this miscellaneous pack of wolves went to Radio Shack with their ad titled “The Phone Call.” It’s great that Radio Shack can poke fun at themselves as having been the company that was stuck in 80s. Let’s see if this new campaign can help them break into this decade.

Best of Show
There were many great ads throughout the night and many of them got a lot of buzz, including Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” and “Hero’s Welcome.” Coke had a powerful ad highlighting America’s cultural diversity with “It’s Beautiful” and, again, Chrysler’s heart-touching spot titled “Life,” but there was one ad that beat them in a photo finish.

“What is technology? What can it do? How far can we go? Technology has the power to unite us. It inspires us. Technology has taken us places we’ve only dreamed. It gives hope to the hopeless and it has given voice to the voiceless.” These are the empowering words used in Microsoft’s 2014 Super Bowl ad. It shows how technology is helping us evolve and is giving us chances to do things we’ve never thought possible. The ad depicts a child with no legs given the ability to walk, a deaf woman given the chance to hear for the first time in her adult life and how Steve Gleason, a former NFL player now battling with ALS, has the ability to speak to his son through technology. This ad touched many of us at EPIC and took home our vote for Best of Show for Super Bowl 2014.

These ads are more than just ads. They’re long nights spent in an office. They’re days on a shoot in the bitter cold. They’re about communicating a message. They’re months of work and preparation for the largest stage in our industry. They make us laugh. They show us something new. They inspire us to do something more.

Did we get it wrong? Tell us about your favorite ad from Super Bowl 2014.

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