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Merging Google+
and YouTube Headaches

Written by Andy Parmann, 5 years ago, 0 Comments

Your client has three Google+ pages, four local pages and two YouTube channels and now they want to merge them together so they’re under one umbrella. Oh, and by the way, the accounts are split between two different emails. This happens every day and it can be a nightmare for social media managers to sort. Luckily, I found a few resources that may help you save some time and stress.

First, draw up a game plan. This might sound silly, but if you want to do this right, it’s much easier to see it written out in front of you.


Second, establish your primary account. This could be identified by the name of the email address, the most active Google+ account or the email associated with the YouTube Channel. Pick the one you feel has the most equity in terms of fans or ease-of-use and stick with it.


Third, go all “John Madden” and develop an attack plan (but take it one step at a time). If you want to transfer everything to the email associated with your Google+ page, then do it one piece at a time. Start with the YouTube account, then move to the Google+ account, then shift the local pages.

It’s good to note that even though Google owns YouTube, each of the brands’ customer support channels act as its own entity. Having issues a Google+ page will require support from Google; likewise, issues with YouTube will require support from YouTube. These resources were my best friends when dealing with this situation:

Google FAQ Support
The FAQ section is very helpful. Don’t pull over and ask for directions if the GPS is working — chances are, your questions have already been asked and answered.

Google Voice Support
If you’re in a position like the one described above, it’s time to make some calls and get the answers you need. You’ll want your game plan in front of you to help you convey your problem. Google’s customer support center will contact you in a matter of seconds! You might want to bookmark this page, it will save you a lot of headaches.

YouTube Email Support
Unlike Google’s voice support, YouTube offers support through email. Start with the FAQ section and work your way through your problem. After sorting through a few FAQs, you’ll come across your answer or email support. Bookmark this page, it will save you a lot of headaches.

There is no ‘cut and dry’ tutorial to help guide you through this process. Each situation is unique and will require time and patience. Just know that you’re not alone and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Have you dealt with this situation? I’d love to get your feedback and learn how you solved the dilemma.

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