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The Life Of An EPIC Intern

Written by Skyler Donachie, 2 years ago, 0 Comments

As EPIC’s copywriting intern, I work three days a week, though I’d love to come in for five. If you knew this maze of a building and the equally entertaining people who call it home for over 40 hours a week, you would feel the same.

In stereotypical intern fashion, I don’t own a car. I also live in Milwaukee, a full 40 miles away. Every Wednesday through Friday, I wake up at 6 A.M. to get ready and then ride my bike two miles to a coworker’s place. From there, I carpool 45 minutes to make it to work by 8. I wouldn’t usually put that amount of effort into seeing my own mother three days a week, let alone do it for a job, but that’s how much I like working here.

Walking into the copywriting room, I’m greeted with a chorus of Good Mornings. As I go to fill my coffee cup in our kitchen area, I run into someone from another department who promptly asks me how my weekend on the lake was. Nowhere else have I experienced a work environment where the majority of people go out of their way to genuinely ask about (and then retain) the intern’s weekend plans.

As lunch rolls around, a group of people invites me to join them without batting an eye. As an intern, I share lunch with new employees and company executives alike, without even noticing the title everyone has on their desk nameplate.

The afternoon lull hits and I need a change of scenery to stay fresh, keep on my toes and fulfill my personal social interaction quota. I go find one of the many couches downstairs and make myself comfortable. That’s when a dog walks past. And then another. There are so many dogs here on a daily basis, you’d think Cruella de Vil would’ve made an appearance already.

Oh yeah, and I get to do actual work and contribute to the marketing efforts of some extremely diverse, influential and interesting clients-from leaders in global medical technology to the largest bowling ball manufacturer in the world. This place is so much more than just a job that I almost forgot to mention that part.

But at the end of the day, literally and figuratively, I walk out of the office with a smile on my face. Knowing I have contributed to the success of international brands while spending my time alongside fun and friendly coworkers is a perfect way to acclimate myself to the advertising field. From the work that EPIC produces to the genuine people who work there, there are so many reasons why I enjoy each day as an EPIC intern.

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