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5 Tips to
Keep Your B2B Blog From Boring Your Audience

Written by Fuzz Martin, 6 years ago, 0 Comments
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Your business-to-business widget manufacturing organization now has its own blog. Congratulations! So, what are you planning to do with it? Here are five tips from some seasoned corporate bloggers here at EPIC Creative® to help you keep your blog interesting and not bore your audience to death.

Forewarning: some of these tips should seem like common sense. If they do, you’re probably doing it right.

1) Give Them Something They Actually Want To Read
Why are you reading this article right now? I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess that it’s because you were searching for blog articles on how to write better blog articles. You were looking for specific content, and we provided it. Score!

That’s exactly what you need to do with your blog. Find topics that your intended audience is interested in and write about them.
“Yes,” you say, “but that sounds too simple!” The truth is, a lot of blogs put garbage out there simply because A) their boss or marketing team compelled them to, or B) they are trying to sell products and services on their blog instead of connecting with their audience.

Would you have come to this article had it read, “EPIC Creative Offers Blogging Services?” Pretty unlikely.

2) Know Your Audience
If you write a blog geared at talking about the sport of bowling, there is a good chance that your audience isn’t going to want to read a bunch of technical math equations used to derive the perfect pin placement in a bowling ball (though a few might). Conversely, if you write a blog geared at engineers, you can bet they don’t want to be talked down to with pedestrian drivel.

It’s important to know who your audience is and be able to write at their level. I’m going to say this at the risk of offending our interns, but this point is very important when you decide who you are trusting when you toss over the keys to your brand’s blog. Just because you need to get a blog article done doesn’t mean that picking someone get some words into your CMS is going to make it click with your audience.

Know your audience, write with them in mind, and make sure it’s something worth taking time out of their busy schedules to read.
Speaking of busy schedules…

3) Make Time or Drop It
You’re busy. I get it. We all get it. That’s the way of the world, my friend. But when you chose to flip the “publish” switch on your blog, you’ve committed yourself to a responsibility. Now that responsibility needs to be tended to, and with a good deal of your attention.

If you are trying to build an audience that is loyal to your brand, thoughts, ideas, stories, leadership, widget schematics, etc., you are going to have to be pretty consistent. Unlike the Tae Kwon Do classes you took as a kid, you can’t just start and stop this thing whenever you please.

Make it a priority to set a schedule and post each of your groundbreaking, breathtaking blogs on a regular basis. Again – do not just post something to get it posted – make sure it’s worthy of your audience (1st) and brand (2nd).

If you just simply can’t make any time to write your blog… find someone competent who can or shut it down. Get rid of it. There are few things worse that a site with a blog that goes months without a post. You’ll be doing yourself a favor and saving yourself future embarrassment by ditching the effort.

4) Put it on the Calendar!
The best way of developing great B2B blog content is to sit down once a week or once a month and develop a thorough content calendar. Instead of coming up with a blog topic at the moment when Old Man Deadline is holding a gun to your head, sit down for an hour come up with a long list of topics or headlines that would be worthy of your readers’ time. Then put the best ones down on a calendar.

Unless your blog topics have to go through your legal department, this calendar can be pretty fluid. If a better idea presents itself when it’s time for your next article, that’s great. It’s important to have good topic ideas at the ready, however, in case you find yourself struggling when the deadline is looming.

Regular monthly or weekly features are also a good way of keeping fresh content ideas.

Be sure to put topic-brainstorming sessions into your work calendar, as well. Once you have a well of topic ideas, it’s easy to put off future planning – but it’s important that you stay on top of it. Trust me, they’re much easier and shorter once you’ve been doing it for a while.

5) Share Away
Once you have your article written, proofed and published, make sure it’s getting shared on your social media pages. It’s funny how often one hand at an organization doesn’t see what the other hand is doing. If you aren’t the person who is also doing the social media marketing, be sure to pass along the link to the new article to your social media person or team. Sure, dedicated followers, fellow employees and those who find your article through a search engine will know it’s there, but if you’ve established a social media following, that’s your best way to quickly get eyes on your new article.

There you go – five ways to keep from killing off your B2B blog audience with boredom. I have some other ideas, but I’m going to write them down and use them in a later article (that’s called a tease).
Thanks for reading.

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